About Us


Dávid Tvrdon is a data journalist and Project Manager at Denník SME in Bratislava, Slovakia. Henrik Ståhl is a journalist and Product Owner at Bonnier News in Stockholm, Sweden. They first met online through the Slack community Digital Journalism Rocks in June 2016. In January 2017, they initiated a collaboration which resulted in the Check Your Facts podcast. In June 2017, Henrik decided to leave the project due to personal reasons. He was replaced by Marc Biskup.


The Whats and the Whys and the Hows, they go without saying. A podcast without them isn't a podcast about journalism.


In Check Your Facts, we explore the vast seas of empathy, the lush forests of innovation, and the pulsating beats of everyday happenings. We strive for clarity in a world rattled by Brexits and Trumps, and we dig into the emotions tied to the significant moments. We try to make sense of it all.


Although they are not formally "partners" of Check Your Facts, we couldn't have done this withouth all the smart and kind colleagues around the world that we discuss online journalism with on a daily basis through Digital Journalism Rocks.


You rock!

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